Friday, November 28, 2008

Slicks of the Week

1. Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Special: I'll never tire of Snoopy making toast and popcorn for T-day dinner. And where are the parents? Who's driving the car at the end when all the Peanuts go to Grandma's house?

2. Seeing old friends: This is the time of year you get to see all your best and closest friends from years gone by.

3. Not shopping on Black Friday: Ok, well I did go on Amazon at like 7am and we did hop into the Gap and a toy store at like 10am, but we avoided the throngs of shoppers at the malls and shopping centers.

4. No work or school for 5 days!

5. Maddox of the week: He is now officially a flirt. Flirting with all our friends and dancing his little butt off to Kayne West. Love it.

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