Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy Happy Joy Joy

This is my favorite time of year. I know I'm not alone. I get such a warm and fuzzy feeling each time I see holiday decorations. It just so happens that I work downtown this year and the stores are decked out in all their Merry Christmas glory. Macy’s even has real live animals in their store displays. I love it (although I’m sure PETA may not). Alas, this year we won’t be spending the holidays with family. With relatives living in every corner of the world, we just couldn’t swing it. This is where the friends come in. Friends have become our adoptive families. When you live miles and miles from real family, friends are a big part of your life. Our Thanksgiving tradition will be spent with a good friend and her family. She puts on an elaborate dinner every year with about 20 people and about twice that count in dishes of food. The last time I was at her Thanksgiving dinner I was pregnant and couldn’t really partake in the wine or the amount of food I wanted since I couldn’t fit much in my big fat belly, but this year…bring it on. Christmas will be spent in the Mountains. A house rental, friends, skiing, snow, all you need really. So, I’ve got Charlie Brown set on my DVR, I have my Blu-Ray disc of The Christmas Story and decorations are out of storage. Let the month of revelry begin!

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