Sunday, June 6, 2010

Quattro Giorni

Four days and we'll be on a flight to Italy. It's currently 80 degrees in Rome. We also decided, since we don't have enough going on, to put our condo on the market. We knew we'd be moving once we have a second child, but we met with a great realtor and he convinced us to start open house while we are away. It will help with the intrusion it becomes. In best case scenario we may sell our place before we even return from Europe. So, 6 months pregnant, trip to Europe and selling a house. This will be an exciting few months. It will also be bittersweet. If our place sells, I'll be a bit sad for a while. This is our first place together. Where we lived when we got married, where we raised Maddox for the past three years. Lots of memories.

On a baby note, we decided on a name for boy #2. Sacha and I have been pouring over names and nothing really struck us or if it did the other didn't like it. Finally today we decided. I'll let it slip later, in case we change our minds again, but it's definitely a relief knowing we agree on at least one name!