Monday, November 17, 2008

Whole New World

This weekend I realized that my baby is becoming a real human being. Not to say that I never thought he was human, but when they are little and not talking, walking or anything else besides cry and poop, it’s really a different experience when they do more. Maddox is officially a walking, talking little dude. Now, he’s been walking for a while now and he has been doing a lot of little human-esque things over the past year but I guess this weekend it finally dawned on me. Words are starting to flow and he’s getting it. Really getting it. This weekend jumping, with both feet off the floor, has been added to his abilities. He also is using his wits and his common sense. He knows where his shoes go, his dirty socks, his toys. This morning before heading out for the day, he was being a little Ringo Starr and banging on a plastic Tupperware dish with a wooden spoon, I said “ let’s go” and he promptly went to the cupboard where the plastic dish lives and began putting it away. This floored me. Now it may seem simple to you, but other mothers of toddlers will agree, when the kid actually listens, gets it and does it, it’s a whole new world. Now, once we conquer the not throwing food thing we’ll be golden. And then I'm sure it will all fall apart again and we'll start from square one.


slickmachines said...

I love my baby boy. He jumps, he bangs on random plastic in the house and puts things away. Daycare has trained him well.

anne said...

You know you only have 2 months until the terrible two's kick in...enjoy the obedience while it lasts!!