Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Motrin ads

There's been a lot of hype about the new Motrin ad campaign targeted at mothers wearing babies and how it puts a strain on your back. I've seen the print ad and thought, chill out Moms! Not a big deal. I read the backlash and was actually going to write today to defend Motrin until I did some more research and watched the TV ad on youtube.

I have to say, I understand why all the moms out there are pissed at Motrin. The ad is pretty condescending to moms. The part at the end saying we look tired and crazy because of carrying our babies around? Wow.

Now...I do agree I take more Advil (not Motrin) after having Maddox then I did before. Carrying around a 25lb on a daily basis doesn't help the back. Plus, those slings never did really work for me. I spent $100s on shells, Bjorns, wraps and only really used the Bjorn. It's the only one that did not make me feel like I was lugging around a crate of apples. But the ad is still pretty offensive.

The ad spurred a twittering backlash against Motrin. Bloggers calling themselves "Motrinmoms" were enraged.

Mortin has since pulled the campaign and is apologizing to the moms out there. What do you think? Should the ads be pulled? Are you pissed? Will you ever take Motrin again?


Anonymous said...

What's the big ddeal. Is this really a Motrin ad? The only reference I saw were the two pills at the beginning saying "baby carrier". I think the sling and bjorn mfrs would be the ones with a beef. Some moms need to lighten up.

anne said...

I took the "tired and crazy" comment to mean that being a new mom makes you look "tired and crazy" but if you have the baby strapped to you then, well, people see the reason you look "tired and crazy" as opposed to thinking you are just a person that is tired and crazy without any good reason. I write this as my baby is strapped to me...I just thought I'd mention that since you can't see me and might find this post to be "tired and crazy".

mosspink said...

What I'm pissed about is that they don't show a strapping dad with same load and rubbing HIS sore back, too. I'm not a mom, but tired and crazy nonetheless. Moms are entitled to their feelings and I'm glad that with social media people have a far better means of making their voices and feelings heard.