Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Power to the People

With this week's attention on the Motrin ad campaign and the mother's who destroyed it, another point goes on the scoreboard for Social Media with the cancellation rumors of the NBC show, Lipstick Jungle. Reports came out last week that the Brooke Shield's drama was wiping off it's make-up. Well, of course this didn't sit well with the legion of fans of the show. So what to do? Send lipstick to the network in protest, Jericho style, that's what.

Brooke Shields told the New Yorker Observer that the peacock network was receiving loads of lipstick from fans that didn't want to see the show die. My first thought...there are some lucky women in the halls of NBC networks right now. Free lipstick! Officially, the New York Times reports that the show is sticking around because of better ratings after moving to Friday nights (usually the death toll for any series). But I have a feeling that those women with all the new colors of lipstick to try for fall may have had a change of heart.

What else can Social Media change? Let's work on the economy, maybe.

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