Thursday, November 20, 2008

What's with all these Vampires in my coffee?

I'm a fan of HBO's True Blood. At first, I was on the fence. It seemed a little hokey pokey. The camp was a little overboard. But it "sucked" me in. And now I'm a faithful watcher. Sookie and Bill are OK, but I really love watching Jason and his stupidity.

The latest Vampire craze is something called "Twilight". Maybe you heard of it? Some series of books that all the kids love? Well as you probably know it has been made into a motion picture and throngs of girls are going nuts for the actors. Rather, going nuts for one of the actors, Robert Pattinson. The cast has been on the cover of Entertainment Weekly, in In Style, on the Today Show... they're everywhere. What gets me is the craze about this guy. The other week at my local mall, his appearance caused havoc. People stampeding, rushed to the hospital... All over a guy that plays a vampire. It's like the Beatles all over, but this time the Beatles bite!

Just like the Beatles, teenage girl crushes are nothing new. John, Ringo, Paul and George turned into John, Simon, Andy and Roger for my generation, and then there was NKOTB. Even Hannah Montana have girls in a tizzy.

What I really think it comes down to is people need an escape. A fantasy. Someone to hold up on a pedestal and dream about. A man to rush in, bite you on your neck and save you from all the misery in the world. So poetic.

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