Friday, August 12, 2011

Bricks vs Internet

Online shopping has become so big in my life that when I walk into a real store, it feels strange. Having a family, new home and full time job makes my free time very spare. I actually had about 2 hours the other night and decided to use a gift card I had from Anthropologie. One of my favorites. It was fun to walk around the racks of clothes.

But, I'm hooked on all these deal sites now. Gilt, Ideeli, Hautelook, Fab, Zuilley... the list goes on and fills my inbox everyday. I think I'm obsessed. It's not like I'm buying much, but the "window" shopping it great. What's your favorite deal site?

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Slick Fashion: Bag!

I want this bag.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Need to remember these things

This sign is so true. I need to have this posted on my desk and keep glancing at it when I feel down about something.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Slick Home: Custom Signs

I love these custom signs by Three Potato Four. Time to save up for a cool sign for the house.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Almost a year since my last post

Yes, I have neglected this blog. I had many high hopes of what it could be. Then came along a new baby, a new job, a new home and the time I wanted to put into a "side" project was non-existent. I am now planning to return to this blog in some shape or form. The baby is now sleeping until 6AM! It will mainly be musings or posts about what I find interesting or stylish or just SLICK.

Today I am brainstorming ideas for the kids room. We moved into our new home in April. To catch you up, we found a great 4 bedroom home In. The. City. Yes, we managed to stay in the city we love. The first few months have been full of unpacking, decorating, pantry building, baby-proofing (Super D is crawling like a MF), cleaning, weeding, watering (yes we have a BACKYARD), garage organizing...the list doesn't end and neither will the work on the house. Thanks to my husband for taking on most of the "man" projects while I tend to the "women" duties like feeding the baby.

We're finally at a point where we can focus on the little elements that will make the place function more smoothly rather than just be livable. Mind you, we moved into a brand new remodeled home. But since no one had lived in it since the remodel there are plenty of little things that needed to be done. Hooks for towels, pantry know the things that you can overlook if there's no "stuff" in a place.

We also spent a good wad of cash on some new furnishings. We bought an awesome new dining table from CB2. Complete with unfinished wood from Indian railroads. The chairs took us a little longer. We didn't want to spend $$$ on chairs so to IKEA, for the tenth time, we went.

Only if we had that kitchen!

We also decided to get a new bed and bed frame. This came along with a lot of measuring and contemplating as we wanted a king size, but were afraid it would just be too big for our master room. We pulled the switch and went for it. 3 months later the bed frame from West Elm still hasn't' arrived, so we sleep on this wonderful Keetsa mattress on the ground.

So many more things to write about with the move, the boys and just silly stuff. Glad to be back in some capacity.