Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Stranger in the Red Hat

Parents all over the country torture their little ones by placing them on the lap of stranger with a red suit and a funny beard for a photo op every Christmas. We drill into our children not to talk to strangers yet we hand them over to this man we've never met just for a photo. I took a cue from my friend this year that said the picture is no good if they're not crying. That's right... they must be crying or it's just not the classic Santa photo. We subjected Maddox to two sittings with Santa. One at his daycare and one at the mall. Both times he cried. I thought we were doing good at the mall when he gave Santa a knuckle bump, but the moment we set him on the lap, crying ensued. Above I present to you the classic Santa Photo. Worth every over-priced penny.

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