Thursday, December 4, 2008

Homeless are the New Parents

The other day as we were walking back from the park a homeless man gave me a parenting tip. Now I can't quite quote him word for word but it was something about my son regretting that when he's older or that he'll have problems or something. The "that" he was referring to was the thumb-sucking.

I think Maddox was about 7 months or so when he found his thumb. He mostly sucks when he's holding some sort of stuffed animal or fuzzy blanket. He never really liked pacifiers so the thumb is his comforting tool.

There's two schools of thought on the thumb-sucking and pacifier debate. Well... in parenting there's multiple schools of thought on EVERYTHING, but we won't go there.

Some say thumb-sucking is better than a pacifier because who wants to see a 2+ year old with a pacifier? Others say you can take away a pacifier, but you can't take away a thumb. I always thought I'd let the thumb-sucking slide until he was 2. Well, 2 is around the corner. And homeless men are starting to notice! I've occasionally pulled the thumb out but the other one goes right in. I'm dreading confronting the thumb thing head on. Can I wait? My husband said he sucked his thumb until he was 9. Is that bad? Maybe I should find that homeless man and ask more advice.

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