Monday, December 15, 2008

Stop asking dammit!

The biggest question I get asked almost on a daily basis is, "When are you having another child?", or some version of that question. Now, let's look into the past a bit. When you're single, it's "When will you find a boyfriend?". When you're dating it's "When will you marry?". When you marry it's "When will you have a baby?". And once you finally do all these things they ask...they have more... "When will you have another baby?". Haven't I given you enough? Haven't I answered your every question with a positive?

Oh and it doesn't stop there. After confirming that, yes we will probably have another at some point, I get the follow-up, "Well the second child is always the tough one". Hmm, let's think about this for a second. You're prodding me on my personal decisions throughout my coupling years, yet you follow it up with the fact that after all that work, my world is going to come to a crash when I have another child? I even had a few friends say that if they had their second child first, they would have never had another. Well isn't that just great. Hey Maddox, you won't mind being an only child will you?

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Anonymous said...

Funny. I hear this from friends with kids all the time. Apparently there is no good answer. My brother-in-law has a two year-old and they've decided they're happy with one. They get horrified looks and people saying "You *can't* have just one!" as if it's the worst thing in the world.

I guess the one question people don't ask is when you're going to get divorced. At least some things are still taboo!