Friday, December 19, 2008

The "No" Period

Much like Picasso's Blue Period, Maddox is going through the "No" Period. Children have many periods, or as some call them, stages. I prefer to call it a period. It's a time of expression, discovery, and for the parents... annoyance.

Pretty much anything you ask of Maddox the answer is inevitably "No". Even if it's something he wants or would like to do, it's still "No". Would you like Milk? No, Can you put away your toys? No, Want a lollipop? No. A hug, please a hug, NO!!!

The thing about periods or stages, is that they don't last. We know that. But while you're in it, that little fact doesn't seem to render itself in clarity. You get frustrated, annoyed and feel like this is the way your life will be forever. I'm anticipating Christmas morning when asked if he'd like to open his gifts. If his reply is still "no" I'll have the video recorder on and document the momentous occasion. Then I will replay it every year hereafter as he begs to open his gifts.

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