Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Potty Training and weekends away

We took our first weekend away without Maddox this past weekend. It went as smooth as a baies butt. It was actually only about 24 hours away. We dropped Maddox off at friend's on Saturday around 11am and picked him up by 2pm on Sunday. Those of you without family close know how hard it is to get away when you have children.

The weekend was a success. My husband and I has a great relaxing time. Maddox had a blast. Probably more fun then us!

We also started potty training last week. We are doing it a little early because Day Care wants him 100% trained by May. So far, he loves his potty. He is about 50/50 on actually going on the potty and not going, but we're getting there. Stickers, claps, pats on the back. He loves it.

Although, not loving cleaning up the 1 and 2s on the floor!

Stay tuned for a new slick tip this week.

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