Friday, February 13, 2009

Hold on, it's gonna get bumpy.

It has happened. The dreaded stage in a child's life that no parent wants to encounter. Maddox has officially entered his terrible twos. The crying, the falling on the floor kicking, the whining, the screaming at the top of his lungs. It has come.

I'm in a bit of shock since I thought we'd get through the toddler years like a breeze. Maddox has always been the mellow child. Friends have often commented on how good he is and how mellow he is. Our Day Care teacher even stated a few times that she wishes all her charges were like Maddox. I thought we were in the clear. I thought we had the angel everyone hoped and dreamed for. But in the back of my head I was always waiting for this day. The day when everything gets turned around on us. I mean, how come we'd be the lucky ones, right?

Well, as soon as the big number 2 hit, the little devil that has been growing inside my sweet little boy decided to rear it's ugly head. At first I ignored it. I didn't think that my boy, that has been a model child, would ever have a tantrum. Well, I was wrong. It's been building inside of him for two years and now I've come to accept that we are in the thick of this stage of toddler-dom. There's no turning back.

I was starting to get upset about it and starting to dread the anticipation of "will he or won't he" scream like a banshee if I try to dress him, change him, take him to day care, feed him, take him to the store. But I now realize there is nothing I can do but sit back and watch it unfold. He's in this stage where he still is not in control and doesn't know enough to do everything himself and it's damn frustrating to him. I get that.

My solution: I will be here to comfort him. I will be here to wipe his tears and snot. I will be here to move any breakable items out of the way. I will rock him and sing him songs. But otherwise, there's not much else I can do. It's going to happen. It will last as long as it will last and me getting worked up about it wont' change a thing.

So now I'm going to go buckle my seat belt, keep my hands and feet inside and hold on. It's going to be a bumpy ride.

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