Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Making Babies on a Downturn?

I came across an interesting post on The Daily Beast about the recession and making babies. A survey the Beast did shows that baby-making plans are down:

Nearly half of all Americans surveyed (42 percent) are now less likely to have children, and many are postponing other major life events. Americans are now less likely to get married (31 percent), move in with a partner (26 percent), or go through with a divorce (35 percent). Add maternity wards, wedding registries, chapels, and divorce courts to the list of institutions likely to suffer in the coming years.

Another interesting result from the poll:

Americans who make less than $75,000 plan to have less sex—and even look at less sexual material—in 2009.

So, how does this translate for you? Are you planning to add to your family anytime soon? Are you holding off? Are you still having sex?

What will this mean to the baby related industries? I think it was really booming in the past five years. Maybe it's time to slow down.

Full Daily Beast post here.


Anonymous said...

People really plan to have less sex? That's bizarre. I thought it was something that just happened. And being that I am "of a certain age" I am not delaying babymaking. I say MORE sex and babies in '09!

Anonymous said...

If we have any less sex than we have now, my husband might divorce me! lol