Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Momtroversy of the week

A popular mom social network, posted a blog that has momlogic regulars up in arms.

The blog is about abortion vs miscarriage and the poster states that someone being a pro-choicer and then being sad about miscarrying is a hypocrite. I think the blog post is ridiculous and ignorant. Most commentors think the same. Here's the text, tell me what you think:

Pro Choice? Quit Crying About Your Miscarriage

Guest blogger Gina: I respect women's right to choose, but I have little tolerance for pro-choicers who expect sympathy when they have a miscarriage.

These are women who put pro-choice buttons on their backpacks in college and ridiculed pro-lifers for being backward, repressive religious freaks who want to control the world's uteruses.

Ten years have passed and lo and behold, these women have grown up, gotten married, and now have the itch to have a baby of their own. Suddenly the monthly visitor that they were relieved to get when they were 20, now, at 32, plunges them into the depths of depression.

Like vegetarians who eat chicken but not beef, many pro-choice advocates want it both ways. It's a baby when they want it to be, it's a bundle of cells when they don't.

If you believe that pregnancy doesn't produce a baby until some magic number (13 weeks? 20 weeks? 40?), then you must also agree that it's ridiculous to break down in hysterics, set up a memorial website for your "angel," and seek out a grief counselor when you start bleeding in your first trimester. After all, you're simply talking about the loss of a conglomeration of microscopic cells, right?! That's hardly something to cry about.

Advocate all you want, but don't come crying to me when your hypocrisy hits you like a ton of bricks. If you are going to defend the right to abort babies, you don't have the right to be upset when yours dies.

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Anonymous said...

Thats ridiculous!! Just because your pro-choice doesn't mean you never want to have a baby. It just means that , for instance, if you were raped you could choose!! I don't get it!!I am pro choice but always new I would have kids.

The Slick Mom said...

I know. The poster was mainly saying that since a prochoicer doesn't believe a baby is a baby right off the bat you shouldn't be sad if you miscarry. silly.

Anonymous said...

Ha, you guys are dense. She made a perfect argument, and one that points out the hypocrisy of some of these pro-choice nuts.

The Slick Mom said...

obviously there's two sides and i agree the blogger can say what she wants, but is still ignorant. all people have feelings. regardless if they're prochoice or prolife. do what you want with yours and i'll do what i want with mine. just think before you speak.