Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The crazy lady with the stroller= trendsetter

Yesterday I walked to get Maddox from daycare. It's a nice 15 minute walk and the sun was shining. I didn't leave the stroller at the daycare, so I had to bring it on the walk with me. I got several stares, curious glances and the like from others on the street. One couple passed me, looked at the empty stroller, looked at me and the back at the empty stroller with a quizzical glance. Another guy actually asked if I left my baby somewhere. Why was it so weird to be pushing an empty stroller? Did these people think I was crazy? Did they wonder why in the world I'd be pushing an empty stroller? It was very comical to me. I just smiled and kept walking. I think I smiled more because I wanted passersby to think I was crazy! I guess the funnier thing about the situation is that I live in a neighborhood will everyone tries so hard to be different that they all look the same. So maybe I started a trend. Maybe today I'll see a few more people walking around with empty strollers.

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Anonymous said...

That´s me!!! Haha! Thank you!