Monday, May 18, 2009

Two Tuesday tips- Potty time!

Who knew that potty training would be the hardest part of raising a child? So far it's at the top of my list of difficult phases. This past weekend we went “diaper-free” to kick the potty game into high gear. We were about 70% successful. There were some wet shorts and puddles in stores we had to contend with, but being it was the first time my son ever went without a diaper, we’re on the right track. Here are a couple tips for those of you who are potty crazed like me:

1. My niece was always scared by the auto-flushing toilets in public restrooms when she was little. So much so that she would hold it in all day for fear of using the crazy toilet. My sister had to hold her hand in front of the sensor or position herself in front of it while my niece went. I read a nice little tip recently that if you drape a length of toilet paper over the sensor (folded over a few times), you can fool the HAL-like eye. Then when your child is all done, pull it off and let the flush happen. No more worrying about getting sucked down the pipes!

2. Now that we are trying to go diaper-free but don’t want to stay chained to our apartment, we love our portable potty. It’s from Potette Plus. It has little flip out stands that you can put on the ground where ever you go or flip out to fit on an adult toilet. It also comes with plastic bags complete with absorbent pads inside to wrap around and catch the goal. One more bonus, it fits nicely in your bag.

I actually can't wait until I don't have to say "potty" anymore.

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