Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Slick site spotting - Ittybits

Slick site spotting of the week :

Ittybits is a Daily Candy for the stroller set. You sign-up and getting daily emails with information about quick dinner ideas, the hottest storage devices and latest parenting news.

From the site:
We aim to help parents simplify, enrich and improve the lives of their children, families and communities. Many moms and dads strive to be well informed, stay up to date, and be conscientious about what they do and buy. However, we all know that juggling careers and family (or sometimes just life itself) can leave little time to sift through the countless parenting resources available to find the type of recommendations and ideas that Ittybits delivers to inboxes Monday through Friday. And that’s why we’re here – to make life a little better, a little easier, and definitely more fun!

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