Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Speaking of hump day...

We've been at the potty training thing for about 4 weeks now. Maddox is at the point where he will go on the potty when we put him on the potty, but will still go in his pull-ups if he has them on. We have him bare bottomed most of the time while we're home and his day care has him sitting on the potty 5 times a day. He still has the occasional accident on the floor. Not sure how to get over the hump. I don't want to force him, yet we need to have him 100% potty trained by May 4th. (day care rules) It's not going to help that we will be on vacation for 2 weeks.

Any suggestions on how to get to the next step? Should I eliminate diapers/pull-ups all together? Carry the potty with me everywhere?

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