Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Birth Videos up for sale

Man, Octomom gets a lot of press. I think every other day there's a new story about Nayda Suleman and her baseball team. Today a rumor has it that she may sell the birth tape for 7 figures. Who wants to see that?

It brings me back to the prenatal class I took while I was pregnant. Sacha and I attended this class to learn a little about what was going to happen to me during the labor process. Even though I had already signed up for heavy drugs, you never know if you'll be able to get the meds in time. The most shocking part of the class was the labor videos they showed. Now, I know birth is a natural process, (ugh) and of course I've seen people give birth in the movies and on TV lots of times, but for some reason these videos were different. First, the women they filmed were each majorly overweight, and not from baby weight. One woman was definitely obese. Second, the birthing process is not pretty. No matter what you look like, you're not looking like Katherine Heigl during labor. When stars like Heigl give birth in the movies you almost don't mind the crotch shot. But when a woman that's nearing 300 lbs is moaning and sweating and grunting her way through actual labor, I just don't want to watch. We were pretty scarred that day. Not sure Sacha will ever recover.

Point... keep the birth tape to yourself, Nadya. You've exploited yourself and your children too much already. The therapy bills these kids will rack-up will keep America paying for a long time to come.

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ThePopCultureMom said...

The thing I wonder about is, who would actually want to watch this? You can tune into TLC any week day and watch Birth Story. This is just a strange idea, birth is birth, and nothing for the faint of heart to be watching.