Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Oh the smell

Our daycare has started enlisting parents to help with laundry duty. Each week a parent needs to take home about a load of laundry to do over the weekend. This past weekend was our turn. I dutifully picked up the white garbage bag full of assorted sheets, bibs and shirts, stuck it in the trunk of the car and promptly forgot about it. That's where the trouble began.

The next morning, bright eyed and ready for a Saturday morning brunch at our favorite breakfast spot, Sacha gets Maddox and goes to the car. He opens the door and the smell that burst out was over-powering. Imagine: a week's worth of dirty laundry from 20 toddlers. Everything from poop, spit, food, throw up and snot was cooking overnight in the trunk of our car. I hear a growl come from Sacha as he almost passes out. All along Maddox is just happily strapped in his car seat like nothing is happening. Sacha quickly grabs the bag from the trunk and runs back up to the house to throw it in the wash. At this point I go to the car armed with Glade air freshener and spray the inside of the car and trunk. The Tropical Essence is not conquering the smell. Sacha returns to the car and tells me he dry heaved into the sink as he was emptying the bag of wretched laundry into the washer. Luckily he hadn't eaten yet or if would have been his breakfast. As we drove to the restaurant we had the windows open, I continued to spray air freshener, but the smell would not go away. After breakfast we went to Walgreens to buy some of those little hanging car fresheners which only made the car smell like vomit with a hint of ocean breeze. I think it took about two full days for the smell to actually go away.

So the lesson learned? Don't leave dirty laundry in the trunk of your car. EVER!

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