Monday, January 19, 2009

Words Words and more Words

Maddox has broken that barrier of the word game.

Let me explain the word game. Basically there's this long period between the first word your child says to where they are actually communicating. During this period your child knows a handful of words. You keep on reading to him, explaining your day... "I'm cooking dinner" "We're eating chicken for dinner" "Mommy is drinking wine". Or using words in sentences... "That's a bird" "The bird flies in the sky" "The bird is blue" It seems like he'll never talk in comprehensible language. You also start noticing that all his friends are talking. They say all kinds of things. You start to wonder and just assume he's a late bloomer. Then as if there was a switch flipped, the words start spewing. He's repeating everything, naming things, using words in sentences, reciting Shakespeare...ok maybe not that yet, but I know it's close. Well Maddox has hit the switch. Right now his favorite thing to say is, "Alrighty". Which sounds a little bit like that dog that says "I love you" AW WI WI. But hey it's a start.

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