Thursday, January 8, 2009

Momtroversy of the Week

This week’s Momtrovesy is surrounded by Right Wing Conservative Ann Coulter’s comments about Single Mothers on various TV News shows. Comments taken from her new book. (Which I won't give the name of because why promote it?) Her main point was that single moms raise criminals. Basically, when ever Ms. Coulter has a book to promote she slams some group or someone and gets a lot of press coverage which in turn gets people to buy the book. Ann is a marvel in the media world. She knows exactly what buttons to push to promote herself and is laughing to the bank. If you ever heard this “woman” you’d agree she is a disgrace to real women all over. I have a feeling she may be a scorned man reincarnated. That would be the only reason she could spew such insults towards women. The funny thing is, she’s insecure. That’s the only explanation for her words. She can’t find a husband, she can’t have children and millions of people hate her. Her only defense to is put down the very things she wants most.

I for one, give single moms A LOT of kudos. I am fortunate to have a very involved husband. This week he is out of town and I can totally feel the daily grind that single moms go through. I know there’s an end to doing all the child related duties myself for a week, but can you imagine doing it for the long term? Hats off to you, ladies.

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Anonymous said...

I agree she just does it to get her books sold! She makes me soo mad when she talks, but unfortunatley I listen. Isn't that sad! I should just shut the TV off! But I guess I like yelling at the TV more! haha