Friday, January 23, 2009

"Whatchu talkin about Willis?".

Maddox is in this stage that can only be described as "Whatchu talkin about Willis?".

First example:
Maddox is terrified, yet fascinated with dogs. While we don’t have a dog, when he sees them on the street, in a magazine or on TV, he gleefully utters “Doggie” several times. This is when the dog is at a safe distance. The other week a neighbor’s dog was going out for it's walk at the same moment Maddox was climbing the stairs to our apartment. The dog, which is some breed of bull dog, came bounding down the stairs like a tornado towards Maddox which then resulted in him almost falling down the stairs and he broke out in hysterical crying. My neighbor and I tried to calm the situation by saying to Maddox that it was a “nice doggy” and showed him that I was petting the dog. Maddox wasn’t having it and continued to cry. Once the dog went on his way and we were back in the apartment, just about settled down, Maddox started crying for the doggy. Yes, reaching out his hand and calling “doggy, doggy” amongst tears. He wanted the dog back. I was confused.

Second example:

Last night during a run to Trader Joes, an employee handed Maddox a balloon. He was fascinated and wanted to hold on to it. He typically loves balloons. What kid doesn't? Several times during our shopping trip he either asked for the balloon or swatted it away and
said "No!". We got into the car…same thing. He cried for the balloon when it was out of his reach and then cried and said "no" when I handed it to him. Dude. And on the stairs to the apartment… same scenario. Of course this is all while I’m trying to lug three bags full of wine, food and other sundries into the apartment while coaxing him up the stairs. Amidst Maddox’s cries of misery of the stairway feat, the balloon finally popped when it hit the stairwell light. This resulted in more crying and calling for “balloon balloon balloon". But wait... You didn't want the balloon 30 seconds ago. Now you do?

Man... I need a new book. Nothing in those damn "What to expect..." tomes told me to how to figure out this little "phase".

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