Wednesday, May 5, 2010

20 Weeks

What a week. First, the surprise party I threw for Sacha's 40th birthday was a success. It's something I've been planning for months. We got the private room at Absinthe Brasserie, private full bar and a three course meal. I invited all our closest friends from SF, LA and NY. Sacha was completely surprised. He even made a little speech that made himself cry as well as most of the women in the room. It was such a good night. We felt very loved and realized yet again that friends for us are just important as family.

Next, I'm getting H.U.G.E. I feel like I'm already 8 months. It's getting harder to move around, my feet are swelling and my belly just exploded into a large basketball.
Proof is in the picture.

At this rate I'll be at the 50 lbs mark at birth, no problem. I admit I AM eating. I'm not watching as closely as I usually do, but in the back of my mind this is my last pregnancy and I might as well live it up! That's not to say I'm eating ice cream everyday, but I do have a piece of chocolate daily.

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