Friday, April 9, 2010

Countdown to bliss

I have a short fuse lately. Mostly because my hormones are out of whack. But little things are really bugging me. Like my coworker. Driving me nuts. And I can't even really write down why. The peeve is just so minute, but it's getting under my skin. I guess it's time for a vacation. And luckily I head to Michigan for a few days next week. Maddox and I are flying out on Wednesday, Sacha will follow a day later. I need it. And, I know, it's not like we're heading to the beach or to Paris. But seeing family and just not working for a few days will be nice.

I bought Maddox some new kid-friendly headphones for the flight and he's in love. He didn't want to take them off last night. He even tried to take them to bed. Which we promptly stopped. No need for a headphone cord to get wrapped around his neck in the middle of the night.

So it's basically 4 days until Michigan, 2 months until Italy, 5 months until baby. Lots of countdowns happening.

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