Sunday, December 27, 2009

Holiday bliss

The Holiday this year was very blissful. We decided not to travel and what a blessing that was. Not to say we didn't miss family. We did. But, there's something about just staying home and enjoying the season in your own surroundings. Maddox truly got in the spirit this year and helped back cookies for Santa. He read Christmas stories and sang Jingle Bells.

We got to do exactly what we wanted from the moment we left work to this moment on Sunday night. Now, Baked Ziti is in the oven, Sacha and Maddox are engrossed in his new cutting veg set. Two more days of work until another 5 days off.

As I have time off I realize how much I wish I had more time at home. To cook amazing dinners, sew amazing creations and spend loads of quality time with Mad. One day maybe that will be a reality. For now, there's bills to pay and clothes to buy.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.


brittski said...

couldn't agree more ker ker. it is so nice to stick at home and be merry. i love the picture of maddog... the smile is bigger than his face!

非凡 said...

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