Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ding Dong, Ho Ho Ho

I finished the latest semester of school and feel a tremendous amount of relief. I'm also pleasantly surprised that I actually passed my algebra class. Yes, algebra. No, I'm not 14.

See, as some may know, I never finished college. I managed to squeak out a bunch of classes back in the day, but once I figured out I was going to work in television, got a job doing just that and steadily moved my way up in that field, I never looked back. Problem came when I got laid off for the 4th time and my resume was not in possession of those lovely two letters; B. A. I started to see clearly that some more education would raise my potential. So off to school I went. And, those pesky math classes reared their quadratic formula'd heads.

Let me tell you. It was hard. Algebra is NOT fun. Yeah, they try hard to tell you that math is used everyday and in every way. But factoring? No. Radical expressions? No. Now, some math whiz will surely come up with a formula that amounts to me picking up my child from school or shopping online, but I do that just fine without Algebra thank you.

In the back of my head the lingering notion of needing to take two more math classes to graduate hangs out. But for now, December 22nd, 2009. I am free!

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