Friday, April 24, 2009

Organize, Schedule, Balance

After vacation I'm sure most of you do what most of us do. We analyze our lives and make decisions on how to make them better. A lot like New Year resolutions if you will. After returning this week, Sacha and I claimed a few of the following:

1. We need to work out more
2. We want to move closer to family
3. We want another baby - one day
4. We need to organize our lives with schedules.
5. We want to travel more - next stop, Italy.

As you can see some are doable, some aren't, for the moment. This week I'm going to conquer #4 on the list. Inspired but Sacha's sister, Natascha, we decided to create schedules and charts for our little threesome. Now Natascha has a complex system for each of her three children. Lists of duties, chores, school functions, after-school activities. It was probably the first thing I noticed when I walked into her Sydney home. I was frozen into bewilderment at the site of the lists cascading down the cupboard doors, but as I read through them, it all made sense. It brought me back to a few Supernanny episodes where Jo posts charts and rules for the families she is visiting and the children seem to follow them seamlessly. (Believe me, it's all TV magic)

Sacha and I also decided we waste a lot of time sitting around watching TV when we could be going to the gym, picking up the house, etc. Not to say I won't be watching Lost and AI, but we could be a lot more efficient with our time. Another cog in the wheel is the looming start date to make lunches for Maddox starting this June. If I want to actually throw more then a slice of bread and a banana in a lunchbox, I'll need to step up my routine.

So, now I'm looking to you for help. If you have any foolproof schedules, charts, planners, minute by minute details of your life, that you'd like to share, I'd love to see them. Until then I'll be making up little lists and working on the bigger plan.

To be continued...

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Kandy said...

Let me know when you do #5 , I'll be there!