Saturday, July 10, 2010

Look of the week- Summer in San Francisco

I think being fashionable when pregnant takes effort. I try my best and long for the days when I could just buy the new summer styles on a whim, but being 7 months pregnant has it's challenges. Pants will never fit right and the maternity stores out there sell real dreadful designs. I managed to come up with a pretty decent wardrobe that consists of maxi dresses, skinny jeans and a few non-maternity tops that still fit over my growing bump.

Here's one look that I came up with:

This is mostly non-maternity wear. The white tuxedo jacket is from H&M, the top is from Diesel, pants from Motherhood Maternity, hat from Nordstrom and shoes are miz mooz.

Send me your favorite look, whether your pregnant or a veteran mom, I'd like to see some fashionable moms!

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anne said...

Very cute! I had almost all hand me down maternity clothes. I got them from 3 different friends and they styles were all different, so I had a lot to pick from. I made them my own with accessories and shoes and felt very stylish (up until the end when most shirts wouldn't completely cover my belly) and didn't spend a dime.